E-Scooter range

We have selected the best e-scooters to make them available to you

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Inokim Light

Lighter than the fastest model, faster than the lightest model, a good all rounder

Inokim Quick 3 Super+

At a top speed of 30kph, this scooter has earned the "Quick" in the model name.

Inokim Light 2

Powerful 350W motor, and dual drum breaking system, packed into the same beautiful design.

Inokim Mini 2

Lightest electric scooter from the INOKIM line, a lightweight portable last mile solution.

Inokim Ox Super

Riding the OX is like surfing in the streets

Inokim OXO

The INOKIM OXO is Simply the best for ON and OFF roads.

Speedway Mini4 Pro 48v

New Speedway Mini 4 Pro’s now with 48Volt 16ah Panasonic batteries

Speedway Mini4 Pro 36V

36 pounds. Handlebars fold in making it easy to pick up and take with you

Dualtron Mini

Suitable for both Urban and Off-Road, it has a Dual Spring Suspension resulting in higher stability on irregular road surfaces.

Dualtron Ultra 2

New Upgrade to one of the highest performance off road electric scooters lasting up to 138 km

Dualtron 3

Featuring ABS brakes, folding handlebars, and adjustable suspension, this scooter possesses the highest technology

Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder has massive 5,400 watt BLDC motors, adjustable suspension, and ABS brakes

Dualtron NewDT

Dualtron NewDT realizes lightness and strength by using a specific aluminum alloy forging process.  It combines high acceleration
and climbing ability with the world’s first dual driving system.

Dualtron Storm

With Tesla-like acceleration, the 40 amp smart motor controllers and 6,700 watt BLDC motors will make this your personal urban rocket ship!

Dualtron DTX II

An amazing electric scooter with brute power, the best hydraulic suspensions one can find on an electric scooter, high stability, and extreme durability

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