Scooter comparison chart

Inokim Light Super Inokim Quick3 Super Bluetooth E-Twow Booster Jackhot L3
Motor Output 300W Gearless Torque-15NM 400W Geared Torque 28NM 500W-Booster Brushless Gearless 250W Brushless Gearless
Max Speed 25 Km/H 29 Km/H 30 Km/H 25 Km/H
Max Incline 15 Degree Slope 25 Degree Slope 25 Degree Slope 15 Degree Slope
Weight 13Kg 16.5Kg 10.8Kg 7.3Kg
Battery 36V 10.4ah 48V 13ah 33V 8.5ah 24v 10.4ah
Max Range 30Km 45km 35km 35Km
Charge Time 4 Hours 6 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours
LED Light + LCD Display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wheel 8.5” X 2 Pneumatic Tyres n tubes 10” X 2 Pneumatic Tyres n tubes 8” Poly Urethane Wheel 5” Poly Urethane Wheel
Suspension Not Applicable Not Applicable Front & Rear Suspension Not Applicable
Brake Rear Brakes Front n Rear Brakes Front n Rear Brakes Front n Rear Brakes
Max Rider's Weight 100Kg 120Kg 125Kg 125Kg
Was $2199 $2399 $1699 $1599
Now $1999 $2199 $1499 $1399
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Inokim Light

Lighter than the fastest model, faster than the lightest model, a good all rounder

Inokim Quick 3

At a top speed of 30kph, this scooter has earned the “Quick” in the model name.

Jack Hot L3

Deceptive power for the size, great as a portable option that still delivers speed when needed.

E-Twow Booster

The swiss army knife of scooters, light, yet powerful, battery size lets the user scoot for hours on end!

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